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design and illustration

2100: an illustrated history of glass

2100, an illustrated history of glass, explores the history of glass and glass making through illustration.  As a glass blower and designer I have always wanted to explore ways of combining these two mediums and share my love of glass with others. This illustrated book takes you through the history of glass from 3100 BC. to present day glass.


The Book

The construction of this book is a hard binding with a grey book cloth spine. In total there are 30 spreads and it is a 50 page book not including the end pages or the cover page.


Style Sheet

The typeface used for the design of this book has an unusualness and character to it that reminded me of glass. Along with the type, the colors for this book were created to have a bright vibrant feel to it. Since its glass I picked a rich yellow and red, and to contrast with the warm colors I picked a set of cool color that still had a brightness to them.