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design and illustration

monster splash

Monster splash is a fun new way for your little kid monsters to take a bath. This bath set allows kids to not only have fun things to play with in the bath but open their imagination. So lather up their fur and hatch their very own monster egg with this bath time delight.

Photography By: Austen Hart and photoshop mock ups


The Logo

Monster Splash’s type and logo were inspired by the classic Kitschy B-Movie poster designs but with a cheerful spin. Unlike B-movie posters this couldn’t be scary as a children’s product, and the bright colors and youthful illustration style plays to the both the young and their parents.


Project Identity

For this project since it is designed for kids had to have bright happy colors and a bold fun typeface.


Monster Splash

Bring Fun Back to Bath time

Artboard 1.jpg
Artboard 2.jpg

Social Media

Every company or brand needs to advertise and in todays world that does not just mean billboards and TV. Social media is a great resource that both kids and adults could possible see. Monster Splash is all about getting kids to have fun during bath time and imagine themselves as little monsters, so I created a campaign that showcases that idea. The First set of Posts shows the Monster getting clean just like kids would, the next set shows real kids “interacting” with the monster. Its bright and up beat advertising to fit the style of the brand.